Since its establishment the iHUB Kyiv grow tremendously: increased demand for its services, well positioned player in the Ukrainian innovation and business environment, leading role in the network of innovation and entrepreneurship center in the CIS region (initiator and the leader of the Ukrainian and CIS regional iHUB network) etc.

Strategic private public partnership with the City of Kyiv was concluded in December 2015.  The city enabled the new bigger premises of  almost 2000 m2 free of charge in the very center of Kyiv city at Khreshchatyk no 10. The renovation of the premises started on 17 June 2016. This was one big step further and recognition by the local government of Ukraine about the role and impact that the iHUB plays in the Ukrainian business and innovation community. Therefore, strategic decision has been made to further upgrade the activities of iHUB Kyiv into the techno-park activities.

The iHUB Techno Park in Kyiv was opened on 25 May 2017.


Street FacadeA Feasibility Study and Self-sustainability Operational Model for Setting up and Developing iHUB Techno Park has been prepared. This document is designed to enable management team to prepare for the expansion, set up and successfully operate a Techno park in Kyiv. It captures its concept, its business model and the set up and implementation including day to day operations. It provides investment model for its development and it also gives an early financial estimate of its operation for the following three years.



iHUB Techno Park mission is to develop an ecosystem of innovative start-ups in Ukraine and raise the quality of skills of young innovators in order to strengthen the social and economic potential of Ukraine. It builds and develops the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship and strengthens the image of Ukraine as a progressive European country. The goal is that through its services iHUB Techno Park enables start-ups and companies comprehensive start and acceleration of their businesses. It is nurturing the future generation of entrepreneurs, who will create and develop the new sector of Ukrainian economy. To achieve its mission and the goal, iHUB Techno Park defines the following objectives:

  • Promote entrepreneurship to relevant target groups to attract and finally mobilise potential entrepreneurs;
  • Help realise the potential of ambitious high-growth companies with an international orientation, support and promote company development.