Ukraine has a strong scientific and technology base that has not yet led to much commercial success. The task is to change this by introducing more commercial thinking into research teams. Other key factors will be to be more selective and focus more on international markets to be more professional in the promotion/marketing of technologies.

Feasibility Study about Conditions for Commercialisation of Technology in Ukraine (Baseline Study)

Feasibility Study about Conditions for Coommercialisation of Technology in Ukraine is ready. This study reports on the feasibility of setting up and operating a spinout activity at a state funded research institute in Ukraine. In particular, it examines the existing regulatory framework conditions and environment for spinoff with the objective to identifying existing gaps, barriers and impediments in the structural conditions and organisational culture that inhibit spinoff activities and offers recommendations for change. It also examines the potential for projects to support spinoff activity and the external environment needed to bring them to realisation. The Study was presented at workshop at V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Partnerships with R&D organisations in Ukraine

Bilateral cooperation with number of R&D organisations and Universities in Ukraine has been established in order to support the creation in Ukrainian innovation ecosystems, support innovation and entrepreneurship in Ukraine and promote the commercialization of local research.

UNINI joined forces and singed agreements with the following R&D organisations:

  1. Memorandum of Cooperation with V. Bakul Institute for Super-hard Materials18.11.2015
  2. Cooperation Agreement with the Science Park – Kyivska Polytechnica (11.12.2014)
  3. Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Academy of Science (04.08 2015)
  4. Memorandum of Cooperation with the Institute of Physical Organic and Coal Chemistry im.L.M.Lytvynenka, Kyiv (temporary) (03.11.2015)
  5. Memorandum of Cooperation with «High Technologies Institute» Ltd, Kyiv (03.11.2015)
  6. Memorandum of Cooperation with Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering, Kyiv (temporary) /Kharkiv (03.11.2015)
  7. Memorandum of Cooperation with Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (23.11. 2015)

Established partnerships with the Universities:

  1. Memorandum of Cooperation with Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (18.11.2014)
  2. Memorandum of Cooperation with Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (18.11.2014)
  3. Memorandum of Cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic National University (18.11.2014)
  4. Memorandum of Cooperation with Student Council of Kyiv (25.11.2015)
  5. Memorandum of Cooperation with Donetsk National University (Vinnytsia exile administration) (26.11.2015)


Workshops with R&D organisations and innovative companies

Workshops and consultation process have been organized with major R&D organization and innovative companies and the one with an innovation potential. Major focus is on their opportunities, strategy for commercialisation of technology and presentation of their best technological cases.

  • @ Science Park at Kiev Polytechnical Institute, “Drone Technologies” presented their case (22 April 2015).
  • @ IT Club of Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies at Lviv Polytechnical University with 15 ICT companies that presented their technological cases (21 April 2015).
  • @ Western Science Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with five research institutes that presented their commercialisation strategy and gave examples of their most promising technologies for commercialisation (21 April 2015).
  • @ Agency of European Innovations in Lviv with five start-up companies in the field of environmental technology (20 April 2015).
  • @ High-tech company ECOTEST Ltd. (20 April 2015).
  • @ ”Sikorsky Challenge” Workshop where more then XX companies presented their cases (11 February 2015).
  • @ Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
  • @ Kiev National University of Technologies and Design.
  • @ V. Bakul Institute.

Testing concepts for commercialization of technology

The project is conducing training in the Technology Offer Promotion Process (TOPP) methodology. UNINI assists research institutes in improving the technology offers before they are submitted/promoted through four international channels/instruments:

Feedback/requests from potential partners are then assessed and the project team is advicing research institutes in how to follow up (respond).