Development of a vibrant startup eco-system, heightened level of business and management skills among young entrepreneurs, strong collaborative ICT and tech community, technology based SME growth, creation of value-added products in Ukraine and consequent lessening of rapid brain drain from the country, which significantly obstructs social and economic development of Ukraine, increase in employment rates, including among IDPs and minority groups, development of more democratic and economically sustainable society. UNINI project pays great attention to equal opportunities, implementing and promoting social, economic and gender inclusion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem

In numbers:

  • 1 fully operational iHUB in Kyiv which expand its activities and capacities into Techno-Park
  • 3 new regional iHUBs opened in Chernihiv, Lviv and Vinnytsia
  • 371 residents across iHUB network
  • 148 resident and alumni startup companies
  • 362 events held across iHUB network
  • 4,663 unique events attendees across iHUB network
  • 15,000+ Facebook community members
  • 8,000+ Email subscribers

Note: all figures are as of the writing of this report dated 23rd September 2016