Grand opening of iHUB Technopark Kyiv

Opening of iHUB Technopark Kyiv today with Mayor Vitaliy Klichko and the Ambassador of Norway HE Ole T. Horpestad. A creative laboratory for technology startups and innovative business development. 190 workplaces- most of them already in use or booked. Norway has supported Seed Forum for the establishment of this and other iHUBs in Ukraine. The running costs will be covered through user fees on a non-profit basis. Substantial support from the City of Kyiv of greatest importance to realise this project in a historical building close to Maidan.

Visit to K10

Today we had the pleasure to give a tour of IHUB Kiev at Khreshatyk 10 to 1st deputy major of Kiev Mr. Gennadiy Plis, deputy mayor of Kiev Mrs. Anna Starostenko and Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine H.E. Mr. Ole T. Horpestad and Norwegian MP Mr. Jørund Henning Rytman. We also had the pleasure to show the venue to Preply, AstraFit and Cargofy our good old iHUB residents, dear friends and real success stories of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem!

Meeting with the Lviv City Mayor Mr. Adnriy Sadoviy

Today meeting with the Lviv City Mayor, Mr. Andriy Sadoviy was held. iHUB’s successful results were discussed and talk through next steps for further expansion as well as several new projects! Stay tuned, 2017 will be a busy year for iHUB, Seed Forum and Lviv!

Meetings in Ivano-Frankivsk

Today we met the Major and Deputy Governor of Ivamo-Frankivsk. iHUB initative in Ivano-Frankivsk is being launched in PPP with Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, supported by Norway, Finland and Estonia! This is the first time where we have three countries providing financial support to our project! Official opening is scheduled for spring 2017!

iHUB Lviv Seed Forum

Today, Lviv Seed Forum was held in the premises of the iHUB in Lviv.

Renovation of the Techno Park in Kyiv started

The renovation works at Khreshatyk 10 (here in after – K10) started today! First on the agenda for the next few weeks is to remove walls and repairation of the roof. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Kiev City State Administration and the Norwegian Government, who are also working tirelessly on this project together with us!

iHUB become an official UNESCO -UNEVOC center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Ukraine

The UNEVOC Network provides an environment for exchange and mutual assistance among TVET experts, ministries and institutions worldwide. As a UNEVOC Centre for Ukraine iHUB has access to the international wealth of knowledge, through which it enables to benchmark its methods and activities, acquire additional assistance for strengthening its institutional capacities and thus further improve the educational experience of people in Ukraine. Displaying Ukrainian potential and developing synergies on an international level empowers the iHUB to address local issues with global effect.

Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with National University

President of International Development Norway, Anders Stolan and Rector Igor Koval of the National University Mechnikova signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the goal of the initiate activities support for Ukraine in innovation and entrepreneurship for the advancement and technology transfer and commercialisation of scientific developments.

Smart Monday @iHUB Kyiv

Thanks everyone for taking part in the second meet-up Smart Monday @iHUB Kyiv. This time speakers shared their knowledge and experience about startup’s struggles, tech innovations in content optimization for mobile applications and deep dive into world of Ruby.

Workshop in iHUB Kyiv

Today iHUB Kyiv organized a workshop where ingredients of business success were discussed: who can become the core team, what exactly makes this command based, product, persistent, and produktyvnoyu. Thank moderator and all the members for sharing experience and ideas

Seed Forum Lviv

At the conference the audience was acquainted with presentations of 7 startups. A welcoming speech at the Seed Forum Lviv 2016 was held by:

  • Steinar Hoel Corsmo, Co-founder and board director of Seed Forum Global;
  • Dimitri Podoliev, Chairman and Co-founder of Seed Forum Ukraine, Board Director of Seed Forum Eastern Europe, Director of the iHUB network;
  • Maksym Lysak, initiator of creation of the center for innovation and entrepreneurship iHUB, executive director and co-founder of business-incubator Startup Depot.

Pitch Training Lviv

Today, the one day pitch training was held in iHUB Lviv by the international experts and President Seed Forum Global! Startup teams had the opportunity to: • Learn that interested foreign investors and forcing them to invest in start-ups; • Improve skills pitch; • Create the perfect presentation of their project; • Acquire strategies for successful negotiations with potential investors; • Learn to keep the championship in selected market niche.

First stone for the Techno-Park in Kyiv

Symbolic “first stone” was set in the building, where the biggest centre for innovation and entrepreneurship IHUB Kyiv will open doors very soon. The start to creating the innovation centre on Khreschatyk 10 was celebrated by the First Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City State Administration Hennady Plis, H.E. Mr. Jon Elvedal Fredriksen, the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine and Dimitri Podoliev, Chairman of Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation.

Seed Forum Lab – Vinnytsia

Seed Forum Lab was held in iHUB Vinnytsia on 29 March 2016. Startups “Collaborator” ( and “Myco” presented their projects. Also one of the best experts in Ukraine Mr. Sergei Hvaschuk presented its new initiative platform Kickstarter. Almost 50 people attended the event.

The news about the conference was at TV VITA which made the video reportage from Seed Forum Labs Vinnytsia 2016:

More information: Photo report: and on FaceBook


iHUB Ring #4 in Lviv

The best six Ukrainian start-ups competed for the possibility to take part at the International Seed Forum Investor Conference in New York, which will take place 5th of May 2016.

The 1st place was awarded to eNaturr – a solution which collects and analyzes environmental data from anywhere in the world and presents it in an understandable way to the smart phone. The project also includes  hardware product which provide the most accurate and up-to-date environmental information.(

The 2nd place was awarded to ProofPilot ( and the 3rd place to Navizor (

In total 73 persons participated at the event.

3rd iHUB Ring in Kiev

The investor panel selected the best three companies from Ukraine to present in Seed Forum Investors Conferences in Oslo and Tallinn during the spring 2016.

Meeting with Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitschko

Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation and Kyiv City Council represented by Kyiv Youth Centre signed an agreement of free property use for creation of iHUB innovation and entrepreneurship centre. The iHUB will be opened at the new address Kreschatyk 10 in June 2015. The signing was under patronage of H.E. Ambassador of Norway.

Cooperation with Sweden

Seed Forum Sweden visiting Kiev. Morning meeting with the Swedish Ambassador to Ukraine HE Andreas von Beckerath.

14th Seed Forum in Kyiv

The 14th Seed Forum Kyiv took place today. It was hosted for the first time at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KIMO). The forum was kindly opened by the Ambassador of Norway, H.E. Mr. Jon Fredriksen, and the Director of KIMO, Mr. Valerii Kopiika. Key-note speaches at the forum was given by two Members of Parliament, Maria Ionova, Iryna Lutsenko as wel as Mr. Bo Rydgren who is the Seed Forum Cuntry Manager in Sweden and Mr. Edgar Pravon who is the Seed Forum Country Manager in Estonia. The forum presented five companies from Ukraine and one from Moldova:

The Evening reception was kindly hosted at the Restaurant Bela-Napoli in Podol.

Synergy Conference

Norwegian Synergy Conference was organised  by the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine in Hilton Hotel today.

UNINI 4 Students!

UNINI singes the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Student Council of Kiev that represents more than 500.000 students! The main objective is to introduce a great level of entrepreneurship in Ukrainian universities!

Grand opening of iHUB in Vinnitsa

Today major event in Vinnitsa city. Grand Opening of iHUB Vinnitsya!  Launching  Seed Forum Labs ! Signing Protocol of Cooperation with the Rector of the Donetsk National University! The formal opening of iHUB Vinnitsa was done in patronage by the Major of Vinnitsa, the Governor of Vinnitsa and Deputy Ambassador of the Norwegian Embassy.

Ukrainian companies took part at Seed Forum Oslo

The Ukrainian companies, together with companies from Norway, Estonia and Moldova presented their pitch internationally – at Seed Forum Oslo in the PwC headquarters today. This investor conference was kindly opened by the Norwegian Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Elsbeth Tronstad, and the Ambassador of Estonia to Norway, Simmu Tiik.

Norway-Ukraine Investment Conference

Norway-Ukraine Investment Conference was organised by the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce at Oslo Plaza Hotel. There was a great focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in Ukraine in the Seed Forum part of the conference.

Grand opening of iHUB Lviv

Grand opening of iHUB Lviv innovation and entrepreneurship center today was followed by Seed Forum Lviv Investor Conference. iHUB Lviv was opened by the Major of Lviv, Andri Sadovy. This is only stage one, as in the near future we plan to make it one of the largest and most successful centers in Eastern Europe! It was a major happening, and congratulations to the iHUB team in Ukraine!

UNINI joins forces with two institutes at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Today, a joint Cooperation Agreement was signed with L.M. Lytvynenko Institute of Physical-Organic and Coal Chemistry and Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Bilateral cooperation will support the creation of innovative ecosystems, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Ukraine and promote the commercialization of local research. The signing ceremony was attended by Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Serhiy Pyrozhkov, which emphasized the importance of international support for academic institutions displaced from Donbass. “We are delighted that the cooperation with the institutions of the Academy started with forcedly displaced from Donetsk scientific institutions, which are now found themselves in a difficult situation and need the most support. We hope that we can give them a new impetus that will help them develop new territories”, – said Pyrozhkov.

UNINI & High Technologies Institute joined forces

A Cooperation Agreement with “High Technologies Institute” Ltd in Kiev was signed today. The aim is to promote the development of technology transfer and commercialisation of research developments

iHUB Network is extending to East Ukraine

Kharkiv, located in Eastern Ukraine, is the technology capital of Ukraine with 1,5 million population, 26 universities and 16 research institutes. Signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the 1st Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv enabled iHUB Network to extend to the Eastern Ukraine!

Seed Forum Event in Odessa

The Seed Forum Event in Odessa triggered great interest and lots of participants. This is the launch of Seed Forum Labs in Ukraine!

Public private partnership for iHUB in Kiev

Today, the Kiev City Council, headed by Mayor Vitali Klichko, unanimously voted for the public-private partnership providing iHUB Kiev more than 1500 m2 on Khresatic, just a few meters from Maidan Square.

Unanimous support of Kyiv City Council for K10

UNINI project has achieved a major milestone in receiving unanimous support of Kyiv City Council in establishing an innovation and entrepreneurship centre iHUB Kyiv in public-private partnership at Kreshchatyk, 10

City of Kiev supports iHUB Kiev extension

Today, the Memorandum of Cooperation with Mayor Vitali Klitchko has been signed to establish iHUB Kiev on Khreshatyk in Kiev City Hall. The signing was made in patronage by the Ambassador of Norway in Ukraine, HE John Fredriksen.

Public-private partnership for Ivano-Frankivsk iHUB

On this day, the Public-Private Partnership Agreement has been signed with the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk to establish the iHUB. The signing was done in patronage by the 1st Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine.

Academic cooperation between UNINI, Ukraine and Moldova

Today was a jointly signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Seed Forum and the Academy of Science of Ukraine and the Academy of Science of Moldova. The signing ceremony was done in patronage by the Acting Ambassador of Norway in Ukraine, HE Richard Scarborough.

Opening of iHUB in Chernihiv

A grand opening ceremony of iHUB Chernihiv today was attended by a vast crowd. A Chernihiv is just 150 km north of Kiev with 300 000 people and a historic centre of Kyjivska-Rus 1300 years ago.

Pitch Training in iHUB Kiev

The Ukrainian National Seed Forum pitch training was organised in iHUB Kiev today. Companies from Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Vinnitsa and Odessa were taking part. The companies were selected to present in Seed Forums at spring 2015 in Kiev, New York, San Francisco and London.

The first Public-Private Partnership Agreement for iHUB in Vinnitsa

The history was made today by signing the first Public-Private Partnership Agreement with the City of Vinnitsa to establish an iHUB in its city. The signing ceremony was overlooked by the Mayor of Vinnitsa and the 1st Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine.

UNINI meets “Drone Technologies”


Assessment meeting with a start-up company “Drone Technologies” was held at Science Park at Kiev Polytechnical Institute with an aim to better understand the needs for the commercialisation of the start-up companies.

5 research institutes relief its commercialisation potential

Workshop with Western Science Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine about cooperation opportunities. Five research institutes presented their commercialisation strategy and gave examples of their most promising technologies for commercialisation.

UNINI at IT Club in Lviv

Today the productive workshop was held at the “IT Club” at Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies at Lviv Polytechnical University on cooperation opportunities in international business development. More than 15 ICT companies took a proactive role. Read more:

UNINI supports environmental technology in Lviv

A workshop with five start-up companies in the field of environmental technology was held in Lviv about cooperation opportunities in international business development. The workshop was hosted by Agency of European Innovations in Lviv.


UNINI meets Governor of Ivano-Frankivsk

The meeting with the deputy Governor of Ivano-Frankivsk region was organised in iHUB Kiev to plan the establishment of Seed Forum and iHUB in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The youngest visitors in iHUB

How to find yourself in IT?  was today’s topic of the workshop organized in iHUB Kyiv. So far the youngest visitors took part at this iHUB event. The main purpose was to talk with teenagers about what is IT sector, how it works and what they could get from it. They also had opportunity to be introduced to the iHUB system, tenants and possibilities to run their own business.

UNINI at Sikorsky Challenge” Workshop

UNINI team contributed with two presentations at workshop for the “Sikorsky Challenge” at Kiev Polytechnical Institute. The main participants were students, potential researchers and entrepreneurs.



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