Project team has developed a proprietary internal management system to effectively manage our activities initially across Ukraine but also in other countries, Georgia and Moldova. It is a very scalable and dynamic management system, built on the basis of free open source tools and resources provided by Google, with the speed, agility, security of Google. Having such a system at our disposal allows us to quickly and efficiently expand not only geographically to new cities and countries across Eastern Europe, but also but to continuously monitor and improve the quality and quantity of our services, with clear deliverables, tracking and monitoring, with real-time analysis and statistics which is priceless for our top management as well as for our donors and partners.

iHUB Management system is divided into 6 main sections which are fully developed and operational, with two more new sections currently under development. The following are these sections respectively:

  • Management
  • Residents
  • Events
  • Analytics
  • Tools
  • Team members

Each section opens with a quick access dashboard to most frequently used elements of each operational aspect, such as: documents on payments, authorisation for material assets, correspondence, residents journals, templates for official residency agreements, supplementary materials, detailed instructions, user manuals, data analytics and analysis, etc. for an effective and convenient access and use.