Stakh Vozniak, CEO @ TONA

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“iHUB has all the necessary infrastructure, and most importantly – a community of smart and creative people, as well as a great number of events attended by many investors and leading industry experts.”

TONA is a mobile application transportation service for trucks (so-called Uber for trucks). TONA is a service designed to make life easier for all who need to transport freight. It provides trucks for residential and office moving, pets, household appliances, furniture and many other goods. Instead of ringing taxi and cargo services to analyse prices, the customer can submit their request and TONA will find a suitable driver. MVP was launched in Ukraine in December 2014, in November 2015 a technological pivot was made and subsequently launched on the Russian market in December 2015. The startup plans tprovide a new version of service by May 2016 and expand to India in July 2016 and Singapore and Malaysia in January 2016.

2015 brought TONA $0.240M in revenues, $0.027M in costs and $0.006M EBITDA with prospects of $2.430M in revenues, $0.120M in costs and $0.160 EBITDA in 2016.