Oleksandr Striamets, Director @ Plagiat.pl

Sucess stories

“iHUB is a cozy modern ‘business incubator’, which inspires new achievements. A comfortable working environment and pleasant staff – is a set up for any startup’s success. ”

The aim of the company is to combat copyright infringements and the unauthorised use of another’s intellectual property. They are creating an Anti-plagiarism Network that extends throughout the world aiming to protect the work of researchers and students. Plagiat.pl cooperates with universities, government bodies and publishing houses. They also support private individuals hoping to prevent their intellectual property from plagiarism.

Recently Polish company Plagiat.pl has been closely monitoring the progress of reforms in Ukraine, especially in the educational field. Particularly attracts our attention the initiative of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, aimed at the struggle for academic honesty in Ukraine, which we highly appreciate and support.