Nikita Dobrynin & Katia Dobrynina, FOUNDERS @ ASTRAFIT

Sucess stories

“Management of the centre frequently engages media to showcase the success of their residents. iHUB also provides an opportunity for all their startups to participate in interesting events. For example, we have presented our startup in Oslo thanks to iHUB.”

AstraFit is a merchandising toolbox for online apparel retailers – a SaaS that has a proven strong impact on the main business metrics of online clothing stores. Implementation of their software by online clothes retailers decreased the number of returns by 48.41%, increased the average sale value by 24.88%, increased the total conversion rate by 62.96% for clothes manufacturers.

Today AstraFit team consists of 16 people, including experienced clothes designers, developers, and marketing specialists. Founders worked for an apparel manufacturing business that had been operating for 20 years, giving them experience and an understanding of the garment fitting process and how it works.

The company is rapidly growing in Ukraine as well as making first sales in Russia, USA and EU.