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The web platform for searching tutors was established with only 3 persons in the team. Now Preply includes 22 specialists and has a presence in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Brazil and Mexico. Today, platform has attracted more than 20 000 tutors and 45 000 students. One of the main advantages of Preply is an option to choose not only a local tutor but also an online teacher practically from all around the world – USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Poland. Lessons are paid through the platform and tutor can independently choose his own price. They could be provided by Skype or locally. The most popular type of lessons which takes 70% of overall amount of all services are lessons by Skype. Depending on qualification and city, prices vary from 1$ to 100$ per hour. In the beginning Preply was focused only on English classes. Later there were added many other popular languages and since September 2015 it is possible to find a tutor of school subjects or self development (vocal, violin, piano, etc.). The next goal of the company is further expansion to well developed countries in Western Europe.