Grand opening of iHUB Technopark Kyiv

Opening of iHUB Technopark Kyiv today with Mayor Vitaliy Klichko and the Ambassador of Norway HE Ole T. Horpestad. A creative laboratory for technology startups and innovative business development. 190 workplaces- most of them already in use or booked. Norway has supported Seed Forum for the establishment of this and other iHUBs in Ukraine. The running costs will be covered through user fees on a non-profit basis. Substantial support from the City of Kyiv of greatest importance to realise this project in a historical building close to Maidan.

Visit to K10

Today we had the pleasure to give a tour of IHUB Kiev at Khreshatyk 10 to 1st deputy major of Kiev Mr. Gennadiy Plis, deputy mayor of Kiev Mrs. Anna Starostenko and Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine H.E. Mr. Ole T. Horpestad and Norwegian MP Mr. Jørund Henning Rytman. We also had the pleasure to show the venue to Preply, AstraFit and Cargofy our good old iHUB residents, dear friends and real success stories of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem!

Meeting with the Lviv City Mayor Mr. Adnriy Sadoviy

Today meeting with the Lviv City Mayor, Mr. Andriy Sadoviy was held. iHUB’s successful results were discussed and talk through next steps for further expansion as well as several new projects! Stay tuned, 2017 will be a busy year for iHUB, Seed Forum and Lviv!

Meetings in Ivano-Frankivsk

Today we met the Major and Deputy Governor of Ivamo-Frankivsk. iHUB initative in Ivano-Frankivsk is being launched in PPP with Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, supported by Norway, Finland and Estonia! This is the first time where we have three countries providing financial support to our project! Official opening is scheduled for spring 2017!

iHUB Lviv Seed Forum

Today, Lviv Seed Forum was held in the premises of the iHUB in Lviv.

Renovation of the Techno Park in Kyiv started

The renovation works at Khreshatyk 10 (here in after – K10) started today! First on the agenda for the next few weeks is to remove walls and repairation of the roof. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Kiev City State Administration and the Norwegian Government, who are also working tirelessly on this project together with us!

iHUB become an official UNESCO -UNEVOC center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Ukraine

The UNEVOC Network provides an environment for exchange and mutual assistance among TVET experts, ministries and institutions worldwide. As a UNEVOC Centre for Ukraine iHUB has access to the international wealth of knowledge, through which it enables to benchmark its methods and activities, acquire additional assistance for strengthening its institutional capacities and thus further improve the educational experience of people in Ukraine. Displaying Ukrainian potential and developing synergies on an international level empowers the iHUB to address local issues with global effect.

Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with National University

President of International Development Norway, Anders Stolan and Rector Igor Koval of the National University Mechnikova signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the goal of the initiate activities support for Ukraine in innovation and entrepreneurship for the advancement and technology transfer and commercialisation of scientific developments.

Smart Monday @iHUB Kyiv

Thanks everyone for taking part in the second meet-up Smart Monday @iHUB Kyiv. This time speakers shared their knowledge and experience about startup’s struggles, tech innovations in content optimization for mobile applications and deep dive into world of Ruby.

Workshop in iHUB Kyiv

Today iHUB Kyiv organized a workshop where ingredients of business success were discussed: who can become the core team, what exactly makes this command based, product, persistent, and produktyvnoyu. Thank moderator and all the members for sharing experience and ideas

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