Multi-disciplinary team of Key Project Experts with complementary skills and experiences has been assigned to undertake this assignment.


STEINAR 2Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Project Director

Steinar Hoel Korsmo is founder and CEO of Seed Forum International Foundation – the leading worldwide international organization for uniting in single area investors, companies and investment expertise with more than 40 local offices around the world.

Steinar is expert on establishing structure for financing of companies (funds, financial market places, networks of private investors, etc.) and preparation of the investor readiness competence. He is one of the leading and most sought professional mentors for companies and investors in the world, and has personally conducted more than 250 investor conferences in more than 40 countries. Steinar is a founder venture crowdfunding for Seed Forum and also one of the founders of global network accelerator iHUB.

Steinar believes that securing the financial resources for the start-up and innovative companies is of crucial importance for the business success.

Steinar is Norwegian. He is passioned about traveling, entrepreneurship and networking. Steinar graduated at University of Oslo and Norwegian School of Management. He is married and has two children.

E-mail: ; Mobile: +47 920 11 415; Skype: steinarhk


Dimitri-Podoliev-1Dimitri Podoliev, Managing Partner at iHUB

Dimitri is an investment professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, early-stage startup companies and everything related to IT. His expertise lies in investment management, venture capital and support of the startup company development. Dimitri dedicates a considerable amount of time to social entrepreneurship and impact investment activities which support the growth of innovative SMEs and startup entrepreneurship across Ukraine.

Dimitri is Ukrainian national. He has an engineering degree from Cambridge University.

E-mail:; Mobile: +380 952 717 228; Skype: dimitri_p_2010





Anders 2015 MAnders Stølan, Executive Manager

Andres has more than 20 years of international experience in project management and consulting in projects that relates to the SME sector, entrepreneurship, local economic development, innovation and trans-national technology transfer.

Andres’ expertise is in building up and managing research activities and has proven competences in terms of R&D and innovation within Norway, and other European and emerging countries. He has wide experience to initiate and drive the commercialization process of research ideas.

Andres is a Norwegian national. He received M.Sc. degree at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). He is married and has three children.


Mobile: +47 92442175 (Norway); +380 987729377 (Ukraine); Skype: andersstolan


ML_2Maksym Lysak, Regional Head iHUB Lviv

Maksym is entrepreneur who is passionate about how technology is changing our world. His expertise lies in consulting early stage startups on Lean Methodology, Business Model Canvas and Financial Model. Maksym hold Ms in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree from Lviv Business School.

E-mail:; Mobile: +38 097 788 50 19; Skype: makslysak





VM2Vasyliy Biash, Regional Head iHUB Chernihiv

During the period of 2006-2012 Vasyliy was a member of the independent union “All Zero Promo”, which was engaged in the organization of entertaining and educational events. During the period of 2009-2011 he worked as a Senior Specialist in the company “Ecall”. Later on, Vasyliy took the position of an Art Director in the institution “Vareniks”. Throughout his career he worked in trade, and since 2010 actively engaged in agricultural sector. From 2015, he holds the position of regional head in “iHUB Chernihiv”. Vasyliy is Ukrainian national.





RB2Ruslan Burlachenko, Regional Head iHUB Vinnytsia

Ruslan has more than 8 years experience of establishment and development of IT services in Vinnytsia. His primarily expertise relates to integration of e-services in the centers of urban administrative services combined with creation of an informational intranet city. He repeatedly represented IT experience of Vinnytsia in other Ukrainian cities and abroad. He has wide experience in initiating and driving the management processes of creation of IT community in Vinnytsia.

Ruslan Burlachenko is currently head of the Regional Centre iHUB Vinnytsia.  He dedicates a considerable amount of time to development of startup areas in Vinnytsia, organizes startup events and conferences. He is an expert project manager of EGAP Challenge in Vinnytsia region and a mentor of several young startup projects. Ruslan is an Ukrainian. He is married and has a child.

E-mail:; Mobile: +38 093 082 70 91+38 093 082 70 91; Skype: jumper


Mila 2Mila Marinkovic, Senior Advisor

Mila has more than 13 years of international experience on various large multi-sector EU and Norwegian funded projects related to the entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer. Her primarily expertise relates to the establishment and development of the Business Innovation Support Organisations, such as business incubators, accelerators, business support centers, innovation centers and clusters. She also has an expertise in reviewing institutional framework, structures and organisational change of government institutions, business and innovation service providers.

Mila believes that the economic impact and multiplier effects by business and innovation support organisations are manifold, especially on employment, competiveness and development of product, process and service innovations in tenant enterprises.

Mila holds M.Sc. in International Economics, Ex.MA. in International Relations and Management and B.Sc in Economics. She is a Dutch and Serbian national. She lives in partnership and has three children.

Email:;  Mobile: +381 63 166 3176; Skype: mila.entranse