Vinnitsa city is industrialised with a reasonable number of good sized companies and a strong representation in the IT sector. Picture Vinnitsa

The Vinnitsa National Technical University is the main source of manpower for the city’s IT-market. There are a number of specialized research institutes linked to agriculture and this is enabling the emergence of alternative bioenergy in the areas of biofuels and biomass.

GNP per capita is below the national average as is the share of labour force with higher education. In contrast the percentage of entrepreneurs exceeds national levels but so do unemployment levels. Vinnytsya has remained relatively untouched by the conflict elsewhere in the Ukraine.

Vinnytsya city is perceived as the most advanced democratic city after Lviv, 372,000 population. Vinnytsya has rather developed IT Market. Some of the biggest IT companies have their offices in the city. As for the IT sector, only one institution graduates about 200 IT specialists a year. There are 8 universities and institutes as well branches of 3 Universities from other region in Vinnytsya. Due to the anti-terroristic operations in the west the Ukraine Donetsk University has temporary moved to the city. Only Vinnytsia national technical University graduates IT specialist – some 200 per year.

iHUBs in Vinnitsa was opened on November 24th 2015. This was made possible thanks to the public-private partnership between Seed Forum Ukraine Foundation and Vinnytsia City Council, where the latter provided 250m2 of communal property centrally located in the very heart of Vinnytsia for a period of 10 years free of charge and has co-funded almost 50% of the refurbishment costs from city budget. iHUB Vinnytsia is situated on the second floor of a historical building built in 1901 in the very heart of Vinnytsia city centre and is an architectural sight. This iHUB provides 50 work and study places for innovative start-ups and tech entrepreneurs, with a plan to host 80+ events annual which will visit 2000+ young innovations, tech specialist and beginning entrepreneurs each year. Among the events that have already been held here are numerous start-up presentations, topical discussions with developers, media and start-up teams, networking events, master-classes of various formats and competitions with various speakers from Ukraine, Europe and America. The centre is fast growing and is finally providing a platform for the vibrant IT community of the region to communicate, learn and collaborate.

Only after 2 weeks of its operation, it hosted 15 tenants.