Lviv-Ukraine-MapLviv Oblast ranks very highly in business environment, entrepreneurship, attractiveness for FDIs, productivity and access to finance but is far behind other regions in availability of research and training services and extent of business support services.

The main factors of L’viv competitiveness are:

1) Proximity to Europe and little time difference.

2) Employees’ mentality is close to West Europe mentality, which eliminates many communication and cultural barriers.

3) Existing IT companies and call centres of the top Ukrainian companies and many small IT companies serving the market.

4) Strong IT culture, because the city was a center of radio electronic and engineering with important R&D activities during the Soviet period.

5) Availability of IT specialists with 10-15 years’ experience in IT and profound understanding of advanced technologies and the best-west-practice.

6) Availability of qualified graduates with Western-oriented mentality: nearly 25 000 of graduates and 1500 IT specialists every year, mostly from L’viv Polytechnic University and Ivan Franko L’viv National University.

7) Ability to retain the labour pool and attract citizens coming back from abroad (

L’viv is one of the leaders of software export in Eastern Europe with expected sector growth by 20%. Over 25% of all IT specialists in Ukraine work in L’viv, which has 1500 IT graduates/year. There are about 140 IT companies currently operating in the market, putting L’viv among the top cities for software development in Europe. The city contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and a number of smaller schools of higher education. In addition, within L’viv, there are a total of eight institutes of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and more than forty research institutes. As of late 2015, Lviv has been named the most digitalised city in Ukraine as a result of its active IT community, which works together with the city government to turn Lviv into a major European IT hub.

iHUB in Lviv has been set up in public private partnership with the City of Lviv. The MoU between the project and City Major has been signed and the City Council of Lviv provided 400m2 of communal property centrally located in the very heart of Lviv for a period of 10 years free of charge.The reconstruction took place during summer 2016 and the iHUB has been opened on 2016. iHUB Lviv innovation and entrepreneurship center was opened by the Major of Lviv on 5 November 2015.

iHUB Lviv can host 80 entrepreneurs and not even after one month of its launch it has 30 tenants already.

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