The main factors of Kyiv Oblast’s competitiveness are:Map Kiev

  1. High ranking in infrastructure, higher education and training, market size and technological readiness (Source: OECD, Ukrainian National Competitiveness Report)
  2. A city sourcing talents and highly qualified labour force (Source:
  3. Among top 100 Outsourcing Destinations according Tholons (Source:
  4. Large consumer market
  5. Extensive transportation and logistics infrastructure (Source: Kiev Regional Center for Investment and Development)
  6. Priority sectors in Kyiv Oblast are: agriculture, food processing industry, machinery, energy efficiency and IT /high technologies.

Kyiv, a city of more than three million, is the capital of the country and the main brainpower of the Technology Nation. The city’s dominance rests upon a large number of universities, including technical education, with the highest concentration of students in the country. Four of Ukraine’s major universities are located here: the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Taras Shevchenko National University, the “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” and the National Aviation University. Like other capitals, Kyiv attracts the largest fraction of national and international investors, the biggest conferences and IT community initiatives. The capital is home to more than a thousand startups and product companies.


The iHUB in Kyiv is fully operational: team, premises and partners are in place. In the first project year six full time team members are engaged and trained including the iHUB Director. Today it has a team of 17 people who are also supporting other iHUBs in Ukraine.

The renovation, refurbishment and reparation were finalized during autumn 2014 and the iHUB was officially opened on 18.11.2014. The new attractive space of 700 m2 was fast filled up with more than 200 talented young entrepreneurs. It has 122 seats, and its event zone can host 90 people.

In the first project year (status per December 2015)  the iHUB in Kyiv hosted 82 tenant companies, out of which are 35 female entrepreneurs.

The iHUB Kyiv is further developed into the Techno Park. New premises of almost 2000m2 in the city center are provided free of charge by the City of Kyiv. The renovation work started and this space will be operational by the end of 2016. The new premises will offer 200 fixed work stations for entrepreneurs, 8 conference rooms, and 2 major events halls for lectures and trainings. This will be the largest entrepreneurship center in Ukraine.

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